Legal Kratom Canada-At A Look

The Mitragyna speciosa tree, a deciduous evergreen of the coffee family that is native to Southeast Asia, has been garnering attention outside of its native Thailand in recent years. The attention that this plant is getting is not for a bean, fruit, or flower that it produces, but rather for its leaves. Known commonly as “kratom,” the leaves possess a unique chemical composition that gives psychoactive effects when ingested. A variety of kratom strains exist, such as red, green, and white vein kratom (a reference to the color of the veins found in the leaves), as well as distinct varietals cultivated in different regions. In addition to a disparity in vein color between some strains of the tree, varietals grown in different regions can have unique chemical compositions that lead to slightly different effects when ingested.

The Effects

In Thailand the traditional means of consuming kratom is by masticating the raw leaf. This simple but effective way of ingesting the chemicals is in stark contrast to the Western practice of grinding dried leaves into “extract,” which can be steeped to make tea, or simply placed in a capsule and taken as an oral pill. No matter how the leaf is consumed though, it is the abundance of alkaloids in it that cause the physical and mental stimulation. While kratom leaves contain upwards of 40 chemical compounds, the alkaloid profile contains mitraphylline and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which are thought to be the two main active chemicals.¬†You can get additional information at click site.

The alkaloids function in the body as opioid receptor agonists, which allow kratom to be used in chronic pain management, as well as am mood enhancer as well. Unlike many stimulants such as caffeine, kratom leaves have a unique chemical composition that allows them to work as both a stimulant and sedative depending on the level of dosage consumed. The amount needed to transition from one effect to the next varies greatly depending on the specific strand of leaf consumed, as well as the physiological characteristics of the user themselves. In general though, kratom works as a stimulant at lower doses and a sedative at higher. As a stimulant it can increase physical and mental energy, focus, illicit feelings of euphoria, and in some cases improve libido as well. When the sedative effects of the leaf are felt, the feelings of euphoria remain, but mental and physical energy is subdued.